Courses Starting with Basic Obedience/Scent Work

This is always nothing more than a game for the dog, it loves to play and please you by finding what you ask it to is a great reward for the dog.

  Basic dog obedience/recall is vital in any type of training, so this is included in this part of the training.

 Basic scent work will include learning how to lay a track for your dog to learn to follow. This too teaches the dog discipline.

 This is a 2-day course of up to 2 hours each.

 The purpose of this is to see how you and your dog would like to move forward to more advanced training where longer more complicated training will take place to grow the education of your dog in Scent detection, possibly moving forward to Air Scenting and/or Cadaver HRD. (Human Remains Detection).

• Class size 4-6 students

 • Cost $185

• Dates will be determined depending on the availability of class time.

The first potion is talking about how it is done and what to expect from your dog. You need to learn how to read your dog and encourage them.

What is not allowed on the course:
• Choke Collar
• Prong Collar
• Electric shock collar

A regular collar and/or harness is all that is required with a leash.

We promote a positive attitude with the dogs so they enjoy the time.

What is required for the course:

• Being reasonably fit

• Be prepared to be physically involved. At first, there is a great deal of bending over to show your dog where the item is.

• Wear clothing appropriate to the weather, this will be done outside.

• Treats, usually a good supply of hotdogs are a good source to encourage your dog. If they prefer something else you may bring that.

• If your dog has a favourite toy, you can bring it for your dog as a reward.

• A lot of encouragement for your dog and a positive attitude. We do not use negative reinforcement when training our dogs, we want the dog to enjoy the 'game'.