Who is Sheba?

Sheba was born in 2013 and from the beginning, she showed signs of being able to learn how to track, air scent and later HRD (Human Remains Detection) work.
She enjoyed her work and was always excited when asked ‘Did you want to go work?’

Although trained as a working dog, Sheba also learned to be compassionate when it came to children with special needs, often licking them as they sat next to her.
Through the years she has taken in her stride the different aspects of her training and has enjoyed learning as she goes.

As she gets older, she will have less vigorous tasks however, she will keep doing what she loves, helping find people.
Her only want as a reward is her foam toy. She runs around proud with it in her mouth.
Her handler is proud to be seen and work with her.

Thank you Sheba for your unconditional service.