Training Areas

All a dog wants to do is please you.

We use multiple training areas, depending on what it is that is required, from 2 acres to almost 100 acres, we will set a place for you to work with your dog to succeed.

You will find that our positive approach in our training shows that 'obsolete control methods', chokers, prong collars, e-collar etc. are for the most part not required.

Like people, dogs respond better to positive treatment, have a look at some of these videos of Sheba, see how happy she is in working. She has never had a prong collar on her.

*** NOTE ***

The flags in the videos are there for us to determine where the articles are, not for the dog they are 'in the area', not right by the article.. There are multiple flags over the property, so the dog does not focus on the flag and has to use their nose, not sight. Later these are removed and different containers are used to further make sure the dog does not focus on a container

When selecting a video below, you will have  new window open, closing that window when done, will show this window for you once more.

Scent-1 This was on the surface in the bushed area, so not clearly visual.

Scent-2 This was in the tree, note how she scented up the tree before indicating, showing she knew the article was not on the ground.