Given the additional training and supplies needed for different areas of the organisation, we are requesting sponsorship or subsidisation in different areas.
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Thank you to the following whom we acknowledge and appreciate for their assistance.

Tractive Tracking keeping our dogs safe with the peace of mind you can set Geo-fences alerting you if your dog gets out.

Quality Food

Have you ever wondered what goes into your dog’s commercial food? A Raw Food diet offers your dog tasty, naturally suited meals designed to create a positive transformation in your pet. More often than not, health and behavourial problems disappear and your dog will rediscover the friskiness they had as a young pup.

One of the on-going expenses is the Canine unit. Given the continued cost of training and supplies required to make this available, we are looking for additional sponsors, making sure that this section can continue to be offered to the communities.

We would gladly come to an event you may have by pre-booking the time with us, this is to show our support and be part of your event or fund raising.

All assistance is greatly appreciated.